Dr Renu ThakurDr Renu Thakur
06:07 17 Nov 22
I have been going to this clinic for over a year now. Its only because of this team, I am able to move my arm and walk like almost a normal person. David Pannell is my personnel Trainer now who knows what he is doing. He is the best. Thanks so much for the passion and care you have for your clients. I highly recommend this Fitness center if you really want to be a healthier person.
Kendra SleddingKendra Sledding
21:19 09 Nov 22
I love Body Smart Health & Fitness! Max is a top level trainer and I really enjoy the HIIT classes. Best rates around & classes are included! Fully equipped gym on 2 levels - you can always find available equipment. Also a clinic with chiro, massage, rehab, Kinesiology, physio & more. Excellent gym for all fitness levels 🙂 & handy location. Get a free consultation!
Curt StorringCurt Storring
14:28 18 Aug 22
Excellent gym. Very supportive of members. Owners are truly good human beings. They’ve got a wide range of equipment and weights and accessories including 3 squat racks which is a blessing. Highly recommended.
Julia DinesenJulia Dinesen
18:33 15 Aug 22
Body Smart Health & Fitness puts their clients first. The staff are friendly and there is such a welcoming atmosphere. The new Level Method program is increadible, I have learned so much about my stregths and weakness with a clear path for how to improve. Since the Level Method program is lead by trainers I can be sure that I am proceeding safely when trying new things. Unlike other gyms there are not long waits for equipment and there are trainer-lead small group classes to help me learn new things I would not have tried on my own. If you are looking for a gym or clinic services I can't recommend Body Smart enough!
Nerdmaid FaithNerdmaid Faith
03:03 01 Aug 22
If your personal wellness journey is more focused on fitness and rehabilitation, then this place is for you! I've had a few massages here and while it might not be as relaxing of an environment as a spa or RMT clinic, the service is always fantastic with respectful therapists, nice music and getting reimbursed through my insurance is a breeze! Seems like a nice place to work out as well, with a VERY high standard of cleanliness.

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Get Healthy, Get Functional, Get Fit!

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