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Low Back Pain

Stress Release



Whiplash Treatment

Low Energy


LOVE this place and these people! 

My husband and I have been coming here for at least 10 yrs. I travel from the US to see John. There isn’t a single thing not to like except they’re SO good that sometimes we can’t get an appointment lol!


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Get Out of Pain

Relieve pain and recover from injury with our clinicians and therapists.

Move Better

Get your body moving the way it should be — and keep it that way with our therapists’ guidance.

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to get back to a life you love.

Move Better

Our therapists can help correct your movement by identifying the body’s functional limitations.

Sport Massage Therapy

Corrective Manual Therapy

FMS (Functional Movement Screen)

RockTape Certified Professionals

Body Smart Functional Neuromuscular Assessment

NKT (NeuroKinetic TherapyTM)

I have been suffering from a knee injury which for many years has denied me the ability to achieve my fitness and health related goals. James was able to give me daily stretches and exercises to strengthen my knee, while also teaching me ways to work out the rest of my body without adding stress to it. I could not run for longer than a minute without feeling pain, now running is my favourite form of exercise.


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