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 Physical Distancing doesn’t have to set you back.

Get a full range of online support including massage (RMT), nutrition and health education, personal training, fitness classes and kinesiology.

At Body Smart Health and Fitness, we understand what it’s like to suffer for years with an injury, relying on painkillers or sacrificing the life you wish for yourself. That’s why our integrated team will come alongside as you recover, help you get moving the right way, and help you get back to life faster.

Feel Great Faster with Custom Care

Rehabilitate After Injury

Relieve pain and recover from injury with our clinicians and therapists.

Improve Your Physical Function

Get your body moving the way it should be — and keep it that way with our therapists’ guidance.

Seamlessly move from injury recovery to building your healthy lifestyle.

Come as you are — with the right support, each step along the way is do-able!

Live, Work and Play Better

Reach your fitness goals and get healthy in a supportive holistic gym environment.

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