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Fitness Class Schedule: November 2020

All Group Fitness Classes have been temporarily suspended until further notice!

Sculpt - HIIT

SWEATY FAT BURNER. This class incorporates a combination of strength and endurance exercises at high tempo to improve your overall athleticism. If you’re looking for a constant mystery of what is to come, while improving your athletic [superhero] skills, major fat loss and defined body this class is just right for you! 

Duration: 45min of FUN & SWEAT guaranteed 

Lower Body Strength Class Body Smart

Sculpt - Lower Strength

GLUTES, LEGS & more GLUTES! Whether you’re looking to build mass, or simply define and shape your lower half, this class will cover it all. With glutes being the prime focus of this class, one will see a vast improvement in mass strength, muscle definition and muscular mobility.


Duration: 45min of PUSH PULL & SQUEEZE. REWARD guaranteed 

Sculpt - Upper Strength

ARMS, BACK, CHEST & SHOULDERS…OH MY!!! This upper body focused class is here to help you gain strength and definition in all areas of your upper body. Correcting and improving the right muscle groups to help with posture alignment & solidity while creating the aesthetic look you desire. 

Duration: 45min of HARD WORK. REWARD guaranteed

Core Fitness Clas at Body Smart Health

Sculpt - Cardio & Core

YOUR BODY IS A MACHINE ON ITS OWN and this class is here to prove it! With high tempo bodyweight exercises, participants will be challenged with following a routine based program. Not only will you have the opportunity to improve your stamina, one will also reap the benefits of developing strength and definition of your midsection. 

Duration: 30min of SWEATY FUN 

Sculpt - Fullbody Strength

WHY NOT DO IT ALL? You will be highly engaged and challenged with coordinated exercise combinations to add movement complexity and mental stimulation. Aiming to leave nothing untouched, this full body strength class will help you cover all muscle group of your being (even those you may not even thought you had).



Body Smart Boot Camp

High Intensity Interval Training class where we use bands, free weights, bodyweight, and TRX. These programs are designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of types of exercise.

Core Classes at Body Smart Health and Fitness Langley


Stretching and Mobility class for all ages to improve mobility, posture, everyday movement and comfort.

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