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Fitness Class Schedule: 

Core Classes at Body Smart Health and Fitness Langley


Stretching and Mobility class for all ages to improve mobility, posture, everyday movement and comfort.

Duration: 60min


Body Smart "FULL Body "HIIT Class

One of the biggest benefits of HIIT Training is that you get the maximum amount of benefits in a minimal amount of time. So now, even the busiest of people can maximize their workouts with this class.
 HIIT training workouts involve shorter periods of intense exercise alternated with recovery periods. It may sound daunting to the beginner or novice exerciser but these classes are for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced as we work to increase your level of fitness and reep the benefits in very little time. Lose weight, build endurance and increase muscle tone with Sam’s HIIT classes on Saturday once covid restrictions are lifted, it is GO time. (Until covid restrictions are lifted, these classes will be a full body strength class).
 This class will commence with a light warm up to get your muscles lubricated and ready to work and will end with a nice stretch to increase flexibility and to prevent tightness, soreness and injuries post workout.


Duration: 60min


Body Smart Kettlebell Class:

Whether you have used kettlebells, have been intrigued by their benefits or just do not know the why’s and how’s behind using kettlebells, Sam has the class for you!
There are many advantages to using kettlebells in your fitness routine. You can improve your strength, stability, cardio, power, endurance and balance. Kettlebells can contribute to a healthier lower back due to the loading and movement patterns if technique is properly utilized.
Sam will base these “covid restriction” friendly classes on technique and strength until we are able to add cardio and while you work your way into a fitter and stronger version of you. Once restrictions are lifted, we will add cardio into these classes and really get those heart muscles into the groove too.
This class is suitable for all fitness levels and will be modified accordingly to each individual’s needs and abilities.

Duration: 60min

BodySmart BAND IT Class :

Did you know that there are seemingless endless ways to utilize resistance bands to target every muscle group. Resistance bands are extremely versatile and can be used to gain strength and to tone your muscles. Bands can also be used for flexibility, rehab and for stretching. There is no need for large equipment anymore.. If need be, these exercises can also be done at home once you become familiar with technique and which muscles groups are targeted and why.
Join Sam for this small group strength class,  while you learn technique, gain strength and of course, have fun in a small covid-19 friendly group environment. This class is for every “body and is suitable for all fitness levels. Exercises and intensity will be modified accordingly for each individual’s needs.

Duration: 60min

Tactical Athlete Training

BodySmart Core and Cardio class -

Did you know that effective core training can contribute to a healthy, injury free and stronger spine. Cardio can strengthen your lungs, heart and endurance and can assist in lowering cholesterol, prevent heart disease, stroke and obesity related illnesses when coupled with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Put the 2 together and you have a healthier and stronger “you”!
Sam will focus on strengthening the core muscles using both compound and isolated movements to assure that your core is correctly engaged and that your heart rate increases in a safe and effective small group environment .
Please note, until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, the cardio component of this class will not be included. We will focus on core strengthening and flexibility until  further notice from the BC Government.
This class will commence with a light warm up to get your muscles lubricated and ready to work and will end with a nice stretch to increase flexibility and to prevent tightness, soreness and injuries post workout
Duration: 60min

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