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Fitness Class Schedule: 

CorrActive Class

The bridge between health and fitness.
This is an educational class designed to teach you proper functional mobility and core activation. Each week will target a specific area of the body to improve range of motion, stability and movement.
This class is for everyone, an athlete, recovering from an injury, aging gracefully or learning how to prevent injuries. Add some Corractive into your program!

Duration: 60min

Body Smart "FULL Body "HIIT Class

HIIT Training is designed to get you the maximum amount of benefits in a minimal amount of time. So now, even the busiest of people can maximize their workouts with this class.
HIIT training workouts involve shorter periods of intense exercise alternated with recovery periods. It may sound daunting to the beginner or novice exerciser but these classes are for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced as we work to increase your level of fitness and reap the benefits in very little time.

Duration: 60min

Body Smart Kettlebell Class

There are many advantages to using kettlebells in your fitness routine. You can improve your strength, stability, cardio, power, endurance and balance. Kettlebells can contribute to a healthier lower back due to the loading and movement patterns if technique is properly utilized.

This class is suitable for all fitness levels and will be modified accordingly to each individual’s needs and abilities.

Duration: 60min

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