Car Accident Rehabilitation

Whether you’ve been in a car accident, a workplace accident, or a sports injury, we can help. It’s common for head injuries to cause whiplash, ringing in the ears, mood or cognitive changes, dizziness, and blurry vision, and they vary in severity. Getting a medical checkup as soon as possible after a car accident is imperative because shock and stress may prevent you from noticing symptoms for days. We’ll match you with an expert who ideally suits your needs when you book an appointment with Body Smart Health & Fitness.

Workplace Injuries

Anybody can get hurt at work, whether they’re in an office, retail store, or construction site. Chronic injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or low back pain can be caused by repetitive motions or inactivity over a long period of time, like scanning items, hammering nails, or sitting at a desk. Workplace accidents, like slipping on wet floors or straining your shoulder, can cause acute injuries. When you’re injured, you can’t enjoy other activities because it affects your quality of life. To prevent a loss of productivity at work and an income loss, it’s also important to treat such injuries immediately. In order to limit personal expenses, it’s important to talk to your employer about workplace insurance benefits before you get therapy.

Performance Rehabilitation

Generally, performance rehabilitation is for athletes and lifters who want to improve their sport or get back to a baseline of fitness after an injury. When you want to get back into an active lifestyle and regain strength, endurance, and mobility, it can take weeks, months, or even years. Once an athlete is back in the game, treatment doesn’t end – maintaining good posture and movement mechanics is key to preventing re-injury. Additionally, we’re working with professional dancers and other athletes to get them back on track. Return to an active lifestyle with performance rehab at Body Smart Health & Fitness Langley. The expert team at Body Smart Health will assess your needs and create an individualized program just for you, so you can recover from the pain and crush your fitness goals.