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Sport Massage Therapy Langley

Sport Massage Therapy was developed to help athletes prepare their bodies for sport, recover from events, and treat injuries. At Body Smart Health, our therapists use Sport Massage Therapy to proactively assist athletic performance for a range of sports, and as a key enabler in the recovery and rehabilitation process of soft tissue from sport injury.

Sport Massage primarily focuses on soft tissue manipulation, joint mobilization, and deep tissue massage to reduce muscle tension, joint pain, and re-enable optimal function back to the local area.

By providing a hands-on manual therapy warm-up to the relevant limb or musculoskeletal body part, before and after a sporting event or strenuous exercise, an athlete’s body and mind will be in a prime state for peak performance. For example, hips, thighs, calves, and ankles are important areas to provide tissue manipulation prior to a soccer game, whereas basketball, volleyball, and football players need special attention to their shoulders, upper back, and legs.

Body Smart Health provides a full body assessment for all new patients and existing patients that have not visited the clinic in the last 3-6 months. This full body assessment contains a battery set of passive and active tests to determine the scope of muscle dysfunction, mobility limitation, or the root cause of the pain.

As your trusted partner on the court and on the track, our priority is ensuring that an athlete’s body and mind are in prime state of peak performance for whatever the sports event, game, or tournament.

For strenuous sport activities such as running a marathon, competing in a bike race, or that next competitive basketball game – be sure to talk to your Body Smart Health therapist for a Sport Massage Treatment Plan that works for you before and after the event.

Based on your body’s ability to heal, adjust, and recover from an injury, accident, or mobility issue, the type of Sport Massage applied may change progressively over the course of the Treatment Plan.

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