Pregnancy Massage Therapy

at Body Smart Health

Corrective Massage Therapy recognizes the importance of how Massage Therapy can provide significant relief to strained soft tissue, muscular tension, and in the reduction of lower back pain during pregnancy.

All therapists are trained to provide Pregnancy Massage Therapy with respects to the proper draping and pillow support for the bump.  However, Body Smart Health understands that women may be seeking a female therapist to provide this treatment. For this reason, Deanna is the primary caregiver for this treatment program and also for any other women-related health issues including PMS, all body stress relief, tension headaches, and much more.

Through personal experience, Deanna knows first hand the value of Massage Therapy for treatment of pregnancy-related issues such as headaches, neck pain, low back strain, sciatica, and post-partum soft tissue/joint dysfunction.  Deanna’s treatment philosophy is an all-encompassing holistic approach to health and wellness.

Body Smart Health provides a full body assessment for all new patients and existing patients that have not visited the clinic in the last 3-6 months.  This full body assessment contains a battery set of passive and active tests to determine the scope of muscle dysfunction, mobility limitation, or the root cause of the pain.  Based on your body’s ability to heal, adjust, and recover from an injury, accident, or mobility issue – the type of Pregnancy Massage applied may change progressively over the course of the Treatment Plan.

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