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Get Out of Pain

Relieve pain and recover from injury with our clinicians and therapists.

Move Better

Get your body moving the way it should be — and keep it that way with our therapists’ guidance. 

Start Working Out

Beginner? No problem! Enjoy working out, lose weight and feel great in our welcoming space.

Achieve Your Goals

Achieve big fitness goals and keep progressing with great equipment & staff who know what you mean.

Love Your Lifestyle

Maintain a healthy lifestyle with ongoing gym membership, classes and helpful therapies.

Get Out of Pain

Struggling with pain? Get relief and support with our therapists.
BodySmart is set up so you can get out of pain faster, 
by getting treatment and activity all in one place.


Low Back Pain

Stress Release



Whiplash Treatment

Low Energy


Move Better

Correcting movement by identifying the body’s functional limitations

Sport Massage Therapy

Corrective Manual Therapy

FMS (Functional Movement Screen)

NKT (NeuroKinetic TherapyTM)

Body Smart Functional Neuromuscular Assessment

RockTape Certified Professionals

Sports Psychology

Health & Fitness Education Classes

Work Out: Group Fitness Classes

Looking for a structured and fun group class?
Our programs are designed to fit into your busy schedule and leave you with a smile on your face.
All our classes are beginner-friendly and structured to serve you at any level.

Kinstretch (Group)

Finish Strong (50+ Group)






Mommy & Me

Start Working Out

Just getting started? We can’t wait to meet you!
We’ll help you feel comfortable in the gym and reach your goals faster.

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Gym Tour

Monthly Memberships

Ongoing Gym Memberships

Want a lifestyle you’ll love?
Work out with us. Keep your mindset up, set goals, and learn more as you go.
Get details on our gym memberships here.

Monthly Membership

Membership PLUS

Personal Training

Want to acheive a fitness goal?
Personal training and consultation will help you progress, achieve your goals,
and stay motivated to reach new heights.

Movement Assessment

Specialized Training

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