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Body Smart Health began as a Langley Massage Therapy Clinic and expanded into a health care practice focused on providing treatment and education to increase awareness of the connections between body and mind. It is a well-known fact that the brain and nervous system tell our muscles what to do, and that muscles move our bones and joints. But we are made up of more than just a collection of nerves, muscles, bones, joints, and connective tissue.  We are a complex integrated unit which is completely connected from head to toe, and everything in between.

Our clinic’s mission is to help people rehabilitate, maintain, and improve physical function to relieve pain, promote health, and enhance quality of life, work, and play.

Our vision will see the expansion of our clinic into a multidisciplinary health center to include chiropractic, acupuncture, and physiotherapy practitioners, along with other allied health care professionals who share a holistic approach to injuries, physical aches, and stress through custom one-on-one attentive and dedicated patient care.

John and Deanna Reimer are the founders of Body Smart Health. Having graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy, John and Deanna have been practicing since 1999.  John brings many years of strength training experience to his practice, having competed in the sport of powerlifting at the provincial level with the BCPA from 1994-97.

John’s passion for helping others stems from a variety of events in his life. Having ADHD when it wasn’t readily recognized, and certainly not able to be treated, made John’s early years challenging at school and led to a rather rebellious behaviour during his youth.  At 19, after a series of life threatening seizures, John was hospitalized and diagnosed with epilepsy.  This was a very difficult time, but it led to a complete lifestyle change.  John turned to health and fitness and began weight training at a local gym.  After a few years of training, John developed a passion for strength sports and found himself attracted to competitive powerlifting.  Soon after repeated shoulder dislocations, disrupted training and competitions, doctors determined the dislocations were due to damage done from epileptic seizures.

After surgery, and a long road of recovery through rehabilitation, John was free of epilepsy and was inspired to become a massage therapist having experienced the positive effects of massage therapy which helped to improve his performance, decrease injuries, and improve recovery time.

With a career that he not only excelled in but enjoyed, John’s outlook on life evolved. His renewed faith and dedication to helping others allowed him to meet his life partner and wife, Deanna.

Like John, Deanna entered the field of massage therapy wanting to help people. She enjoys all aspects of massage therapy and how various massage techniques can truly help correct misalignment from injury, stress, and overuse. Now a mother of four, Deanne is experienced in prenatal massage and assisting women with common issues faced during and after pregnancy. She not only shares in John’s vision for Body Smart Health, but works alongside him.

Together with their team, Body Smart Health will help you achieve, regain, and maintain a healthy active lifestyle.

Achieve, regain, and maintain a healthy active lifestyle

Your good health is our priority at Body Smart Health.
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