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Holistic Health

Holistic Health

Our team of healthcare professionals approach is holistic health for each patient. We educate you about your body, how it functions, and what the feeling of pain is actually telling you.

We want you to understand how your body makes connections to other parts of your body. By empowering you on how to listen to what your body is telling you, we hope you will learn how to take better care of your self.

Whatever your injury or pain, every visit to our clinic begins by assessing what is the root cause of your pain and reassessing your progress on subsequent visits. Patients are genuinely surprised to learn that the area they experience pain may not be the area that needs treatment.

Each treatment is completely unique. When your body changes, your treatment must also change. We are dynamic health care professionals. Every time we do an assessment, we make a correction, and then check to see if the correction has held during your next appointment.

We assess your movement and mobility as well as the neuromuscular connections to verify if they are functioning well. We are not chasing the pain. We are discovering what the actual problem is.

After assessing your pain and discomfort, we will work with you to achieve a healthy and balanced body through corrective massage therapy. Our goal is to help you overcome physical limitations to improve your quality of life, work, and play for optimal health. We do this by providing you with the very best in leading edge, one-on-one, patient care in a safe, private, and effective environment.

By offering one-on-one patient care to understand your health history, physical aches, and pain limitations, we can provide you with an effective care strategy and custom treatment plan that works for your life whether you are an active senior, marathon athlete, working parent, or RCMP officer.

Our Core Values

When you visit Body Smart Health, we are committed to providing you with corrective manual therapy and functional movement to treat your body holistically and ensure optimal health and function. Our treatment plans are dynamic, progressive, and, most importantly, tailored to your body, your recovery time, and your lifestyle.



Achieve, Regain, and Maintain a Healthy Active Lifestyle

Your good health is our priority at Body Smart Health.

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