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  • Physiotherapy
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  • Want a program you’ll stick with?
  • Do you feel discouraged with slow progress?
  • Looking to reach higher fitness goals?

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Whether your goals are to get out of pain, lose weight, gain strength, or complete an event, every member’s plan is different. 


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Show up and get the right combination of fitness and treatment to achieve your goals, no matter where you’re starting from.


Love Your Life

Become the energized person you are meant to be. You’ll build strength, energy, and confidence creating a life that feels great.

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Our Members say it all!

I take Kinstretch group strength and flexibility classes with BodySmart Health & Fitness. I’ve noticed that I’m stronger and feel better in my jeans – after only a month here. It’s an exciting change!

– Kim Berly
BodySmart Member

Feel great – Sooner!

We understand what it’s like to suffer for years with an injury, relying on painkillers or sacrificing the life you wish for yourself.

That’s why our knowledgeable team will come alongside you, regardless of where you’re starting from. We’ll get you moving the right way, so you can feel great faster.

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Setting the Tone – Part 3

Setting the Tone – Part 3

To recap the progression of pain and muscle dysfunction, remember that something (emotional or physical) first triggers muscular tension in a specific area. Left untreated, your body will begin using another area to compensate in order to avoid aggravating the tensed...

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Setting the Tone – Part 2

Setting the Tone – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, your body will learn to overcompensate for weakened, painful and tightened muscles. Over time, connective tissues (called fascia) form lines of strain along these contracted, tense muscles. Think of fascia as a net that holds...

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Setting the Tone – Part 1

Setting the Tone – Part 1

A car accident, a dietary change, a stressful event, or exercising with the wrong form - these are all factors that can trigger tension throughout your body. Over time, this tension can progress to such a severity that requires the help of a healthcare professional to...

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Book your first week or class

It’s on us!

Come try BodySmart for yourself! Enjoy a complimentary week in the gym or try out a fitness class.