Body Smart Health Rates and Insurance Policies

At Body Smart Health we accept VISA, MasterCard, Debit, personal cheque, and cash for massage therapy treatments. We are also able to provide direct billing for Blue Cross members. Please check your coverage with your extended health insurance provider so you know your plan’s coverage prior to your visit.


Initial treatments are 60 minutes in length given a full history and assessment is taken and include evaluation, treatment, patient education (exercise, homecare, etcetera), and plan.


Please be advised of the following Fee Change effective starting January 1st, 2018.

Anton and Deanna:

For 30 minutes – $60 plus tax (from $56)

For 60 minutes – $110 plus tax (from $100)

For 90 minutes – $165 plus tax (from $150)


For 30 minutes – $65 plus tax

For 60 minutes – $120 plus tax

For 90 minutes – $180 plus tax

Seniors/Student Rates 

For 30 minutes – $56 plus tax

For 60 minutes – $100 plus tax

For 90 minutes – $150 plus tax


Fee Policy

In consideration of your fellow patients and your therapist, please allow a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to change or cancel your appointment. This allows us to reschedule that time period. You can reschedule your appointment by selecting “Book an Appointment” and clicking on Sign In located in the top left hand corner of the Body Smart Website.

Missed appointments and/or short notice cancellations will be charged 50% of the scheduled appointment fee. Please inform us if you are unable to make your appointment.

Full payment of fees is expected on the date of visit or by specific arrangement made by the front desk. Please note that fees are subject to change without notice.

Insurance Coverage for British Columbians

Your Registered Massage Therapist is a recognized health care profession in British Columbia by:

Medical Services Plan (MSP) of BC

British Columbians on premium assistance (low income) can claim part of their visit to a registered massage therapist through their MSP. The government health plan will contribute up to $23 per visit for up to ten (10) total visits to supplementary health care providers per year. Patients may be required to supplement the cost of their RMT visit.

Workers Compensation Board (WCB)

Please notify reception if your visit is for WCB so we may confirm claim acceptance and coverage.

Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC)

Insured British Columbians injured in automobile accidents have ICBC insurance. Check with your ICBC adjuster regarding registered massage therapy coverage.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) / Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)

With a medical referral, private group plans cover massage therapy for RCMP officers and for veterans through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Ask your adjudicator for your plan’s coverage.

Pacific Blue Cross Allows Direct Billing

We provide direct billing for clients with Pacific Blue Cross coverage. Simply provide our receptionist with your policy information.

Extended Health Care Group Benefit Plans

Many British Columbians have extended health benefits through a workplace group insurance plan. Coverage varies, often with an annual ceiling amount. To visit a massage therapist, you require a referral from your doctor if your visit is a result of a workplace or motor vehicle accident and if it will be claimed as WCB, ICBC, RCMP, DVA, or for an extended health plan.

We promise provide you with the very best in leading edge one-on-one patient care in a safe, private, and effective environment – for your specific needs.

Achieve, Regain, and Maintain a Healthy Active Lifestyle

Your good health is our priority at Body Smart Health.

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